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CRAFTWAND® is a versatile solution to mainly separate meeting or working spaces.

Totally flexible with regard to sizes and shapes, CRAFTWAND® helps divide or personalize any space with endless creative possibilities, making it a popular choice for architects and the design community. The system also integrates invisibly wiring, A/V cabling, lights etc. Object design is also possible: reception desks, meeting tables, working stations, café bars, displays, store changing rooms etc.

Mount it.

The modular construction of CRAFTWAND® sets it apart in the world of interior design.

The individual wood modules are crafted with an invisible interlocking solution which enables an easy and highly ingenious assembly and, as the case may be, a similarly effortless dismantling and reconstructing in a different place or position. With few tools, some dowel pins and screws, but no glues, CRAFTWAND®‘s simple mounting and nonetheless functional and indestructible qualities is a testimony for “less is more”. Moreover, the natural diversity of wood patterns and the dynamic of countless combinative arrangements between different wood modules stand for “wood is more”.

Fasten it.

CRAFTWAND® is safe and sturdy at almost any height.

For very long or high CRAFTWAND® partitions, fixing to other main walls or floor or ceiling may be required for stability. There are 8 x specialized modules for floor/ceiling/main wall fastening as well as for invisible inclusion of pipes, wiring, and A/V cables.

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CRAFTWAND® is a solid wood constructive system with a durable multi-use scope and unrivaled visual and functional adaptability.

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Craftwand 2.0

CRAFTWAND®2.0 is an engineered wood system with a durable multi use scope and unrivaled visual and functional adaptability.

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Craftwand 2.1

CRAFTWAND® 2.1 is a lightweight wood system with a durable multi use scope and unrivaled visual and functional adaptability.

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Circular economy

In line with the circular economy approach, the system is characterized by its durability and recirculation potential.

CRAFTWAND® can be repeatedly dismantled and cycled back into use, even re-shaped or re-purposed with no loss of quality, looking as great this year as it does the next, the year after that, and the years thereafter. The installation is fast and easy, with no dirt or debris, or damage to the pre-existing finishes.

Flexibility is key.

Nothing is more constant than change’ holds true for interior design also. Interior setups do not stand still but keep changing, out of space reconfiguration necessity or under the influence of new attitudes and fashions.

The goal of sustainable furniture is to design furniture that can be continually reused, disassembled and then reused again – or that can be used throughout a lifetime (or two). We also focus on reducing the environmental impact of our product, such as using reclaimed materials or non-toxic finishes.

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