Away from the mainstream – back to the roots. A new spirit of the age is emerging. Or rather, an old one returns.

We rediscover the values and craft of skilled artisans: their dedication and passion for quality and detail, and their selection of materials – mostly nature given, like wood, wool, or leather. We give again special meaning and preference to handcrafted objects over commodity items, mass-produced on assembly lines.

We know all about wood

Moisture naturally affects the expansion and contraction of wood. Wood is hygroscopic and absorbs or releases water to balance out with its surrounding environment.

It takes as many as 2-3 months of air-drying and an additional 2-3 months kiln-drying time to reach the moisture level needed for further processing. CRAFTWAND®. Dried with wind and sun, green energy, human know-how and patience.

A few words on sustainability.

Our company is committed to purchasing logs and timber products from legal sources. We recognize that the independent certification of forests and the supply chain is the most useful tool for providing assurances that wood comes from legal and sustainably managed forests. That‘s why our raw material procurement is heavily biased towards the forests of county Caras-Severin in Romania, which are all certified under the FSC® (FSC-C106687) certification scheme.

by Johannes Wolf

For the love of wood

Since childhood wood has been ever-present in his life. As a young boy, the parental joinery workshop was his playground. No wonder that working with wood has turned into a life-long passion.

“In itself, the wood is representing life and nature. Incorporating in my designs these unique values is the drive behind my work. It is my belief that if something looks like wood then it has to be wood, the real thing and not some imitation material. It should smell like wood and feel like it. It is a matter of principle: a glass of wine you take straight and a leather-sofa cannot be synthetic. CRAFTWAND® is to the core an honest product. The customer is given a piece of nature. He can almost hear the leaves rustling in the woods.”

The forest

Is the foundation of our lives and it must be treated with care.

The wood: it’s a natural, renewable, non-toxic and 100% bio-degradable material, or it can end its life-cycle in the form of green energy. The sustainability mission: unlike many other non-renewable materials – plastic, concrete or metal – wood sourced from well-managed forestry operations is limitless. With the focus more and more on sustainable building and lifestyle, wood is the emerging material. The job we have: to use this sustainable resource responsibly.

we care

Responsibility towards the forest resource the material is taken from.

Based on a plentiful renewable resource, CRAFTWAND® by design is still mindful of its high worth for present and future generations, therefore it uses beech logs and sawmill slabs, traditionally underutilized or even discarded in the main-stream quality-hardwood value-added chain. With this forethought, craftwand incorporates in the design the genuine nature of beech wood, all the so-called imperfections, and ensures that almost nothing goes to waste.


Old woodworks are part of our cultural and historical heritage.

They teach us a lesson. These architectural structures impress us through their legacy of wisdom and craftsmanship and inherited understanding of nature. And so, we realize in what monotonous or digitally-overwhelming environments we live in. In continuation of centuries-old wood working traditions, CRAFTWAND®’s bare simplicity balances out our tech-full lifestyle.

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