An atmosphere can make or break a space, as it allows or invites a certain feeling that passersby or visitors want to engage with.

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How we design spaces matters in order to initiate social engagement.

An important factor that creates nice memories of a public space is the atmosphere of that place: something difficult to describe, ephemeral and elusive, but profound at the same time. This is the result of a sequence of elements which, when combined, enable that space to become imprinted on our memories.

Dismantle and reuse

Circular Economy

modular, versatile, lasting


CRAFTWAND® can be repeatedly dismantled and cycled back into use, even re-shaped or re-purposed with no loss of quality, looking as great this year as it does the next, the year after that, and the years thereafter. The installation is fast and easy, with no dirt or debris, or damage to the pre-existing finishes. In line with the circular economy approach, the system is characterized by its durability and recirculation potential.

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Public Solutions


A stylish space divider for any kind of environment.



Tall booth to separate spaces.



Bespoke warderobe solution.


Our Custom Solution Just For You

Together we design what fits your needs, space and current financial situation.

modular, reusable, sustainable


Making places resilient. Creating simple solutions with sustainable, modular solutions

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